About This Tool

The Online Self-Assessment tool is free for any business to use.The information you enter into the tool is secure, and is only available to the government in an anonymous and summarised format, maintaining your commercial privacy.

The tool helps businesses engage with their employees, contractors, suppliers and others. You will be prompted to enter information about your business and asked questions about risk management, leadership, and worker engagement.

Your anonymous responses will then be used to create a ‘snapshot’ of your health and safety performance perceptions and areas for improvement.

At the end of this journey, you will be provided a report with guidance and advice to help improve health and safety performance within your business.

Businesses are encouraged to reuse the tool to measure their performance over time; it can also be used to target different divisions or locations of your business. As more businesses use the tool, you will be able to benchmark your business’s performance against similar sized businesses and industry types.

Before using the tool, businesses will be prompted to agree to its Information Disclosure and Privacy Statement (PDF).